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  1. I made it so i can imprint it much faster. The quality is 20% every time i cuddle or whatever. That does just basically make it faster, doesnt it? The settings can sometimes be confusing. What are your guyses settings?
  2. Are my settings messed up or is a imprinted Giga super OP? I know, stupid title question. Sorry. I tamed a female and male giga. Just me fooling around on extinction and having fun. I decided to breed them. The result was extremely surprising! The 100% imprinted child had 73k HP, 300%+ melee and a bunch of other stuff i cant recall. Point is, it was WAY higher than expected and honestly ridiculously op. IS that normal? I checked my settings and it's as normal as ever. I tweaked things to make mating and taming faster, basically speeding things up,(because i have life, dude), but t
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