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  1. Is 200 ping considered near Oceania?
  2. No where near the oceania server area
  3. Question, why does asia servers not seem to be in asia. Me and my friends live in singapore and most servers get 400+ ping, theres only one server which is PVE and has low ping but i only like pvp, so please tell me whats going on?
  4. Will there be SEA Server? Hello, I got ark since it was in beta and really enjoyed playing the game but there is one downside to it; I get high ping in every server no matter if it's official or not official. Everyone in SEA is unlucky since there aren't ANY SEA servers on ark, this is annoying because everyone in SEA gets 400+ ping on Asian servers somehow while NA is less more of 200+ ping. This amount of ping makes the game unplayable. So please, if Wildcard is reading this then PLEASE make South-East-Asian servers in the game. This will improve game-play of millions, since a lot of the buyers of this game comes from South East Asia. (And if you are placing a server in south east asia somewhere like Singapore which is quite central will make ping better for everyone in South East Asia)
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