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  1. Funny Moments So I figured why not have some fun, and start a thread on all the times Ark itself or the players have gotten the upper hand. I'll start. Couple months ago my tribe was playing on Official PVP, we were on The Island, and needed to move. We decided on Extinction, packed up the whole base, and prepped for a new base so once on Extinction we could just build and be done. Got to Extinction yaaay! Soon as we got to our location and landed we were killed by players and lost everything. ?? Of course now I can laugh at this. Pvp - 1 Me - 0
  2. Thank you both, I started messing around with it yesterday and made some pretty good recipes.
  3. Consumables Trying my luck with making custom consumables, just not to sure how it works. I get the idea of it, but what do I have to do with the note? Do I have to write on it? How can I make my own recipes? How do you know how much of your ingredients to use? (Crops, meat, etc). Any insight would be great as I just learned this is a thing. Also being that I just learned this new info, no my crafting skill is not the best lol.
  4. Thank you guys, basically we've tried a lot of methods from getting up close and personal with pikes, hatchets, guns, axes, and we've tried wyverns & crossbows. Keep hitting the hive, but it never destroys using weapons, waves of bees come, we kill them and then it's on repeat from there. Queen never comes out and the hive never destroys (ran out of ammo a few times before the hive could destroy). Using the wyv it destroys the hive but no bees come out. We've got the ghillie suits, the bug spray, rare flower and kibble we just need the Queen to make an appearance lol.
  5. Beehives Trying to obtain beehives, what's the best way to destroy the hive and tame the queen?
  6. Snow Biome Snow Biome I've been reading through some things and just need some clarification on the air conditioner. If I put a few inside my home in the snow biome will that help to keep us warm? So far we've been using standing torches, fireplaces, our forges and full fur suits, but wondered if there was another way or something I'm missing. I've also read about people using the Kairuku, which is another option I'm open to just don't know how it works. Any insight would be great, thank you!
  7. You're absolutely right, I should expect nothing less then to have people who are level 100+ with gigas, manas and dragons to come destroy my 2x2 stone huthut. They obviously needed my thatch and flint. Next time I'll just leave the door open with a sign up that says "Don't destroy. Just take." There's no competition when you bring a gun to a fist fight. Hence why I'll be staying on my official pve or some unofficials my friends have until I can purchase my own server.
  8. Yeah so I'm noticing. Unfortunately I think I may just have to do some research, buy/rent an unofficial server and hopefully set it to official settings. I completely agree, it is a lose/lose situation to be in. When I tried Official PVP my tribe and I moved from The Island to Extinction, brought our stuff and were wiped before we even had a chance to set up. We tried our luck again, only to be wiped again from resources to tames(don't know why we thought it was a good idea). As for Official PVE, I'll say this, the bases, builds and tames from other players are impressive and beautiful, just u
  9. Yeah, no offense but joining a mega tribe essentially would mean I'm now apart of the problem. I'm also not going to limit myself and abilities in this game just to MAYBE live peacefully.
  10. Losing hope Hey everyone, guess I'm looking for advice? I started playing Ark on the mobile edition and since have switched over to ps4. I started on unofficial with a group of friends so they could learn how to play with the intentions of switching to Official PVP. Only 3 of us including myself ended up playing on Official PVP. However we just kept getting raided by mega tribes leaving us with no room to grow, expand or enjoy the game. So we tried our luck on Official PVE and so far I'm finding it to be extremely annoying between the constant lag, that kicks us offline, especially when f
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