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  1. Are u 100% sure about only 1 parent being eerie? I read on the wiki that there is a chance of being normal
  2. They dont get extra lvls, but they loose their names, and u have to literally tame them again, tried this with 4 creatures, 2 passives and 2 knockout tames, same thing, they wake up wild and u have to tame then again. And i play on pvx unnoficial srvr
  3. Revive chronicled dinos Why every dino i chronicled respawns as wild?? I chronicled like 50 dinos, ive tamed then all, why i need to do again?
  4. TeGor

    Eerie tuso

    Yeah thats what i thought, from eerie server, but i just cant find one to play on
  5. TeGor

    Eerie tuso

    There is, my tribemate has 2 eerie tusos, i just dont get how
  6. TeGor

    Eerie tuso

    Eerie tuso How can i get eerie tuso, mosa and the other marine eerie creatures?
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