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  1. It seems that Wildcard wants to literally break the legacy servers, with no chance for players to save their stuff.
  2. I'm opening tickets on the transfer every day. I'm also on twitter every day talking about the transfer servers. In general, I want to try to get my complaint to them, no matter what it takes. I've invested time in this game and I don't want to lose my stuff due to a mistake of their own. I want my base again!!
  3. There is still no way to transfer between Legacy servers!! Decay times are still passing!
  4. Updating: There is still no way to transfer between Legacy servers!! Decay teams are still passing!
  5. I can't transfer to other servers - Anyone else? Hello After the update on 12 June 2020, I can no longer transfer my character to other servers. When I try, it appears that "No session was found". I am desperate because I have my basis in Genesis which, in case I cannot transfer, I will lose it. What's the solution to that?
  6. Valguero BAD - Cannot Deploy: Criopod Why can't they just get into trouble? I'm tired of taming creatures on Valguero's map and losing them when I transfer to other maps. I just lost my Rock Golem because the Criopod simply appears "Cannot Deploy" with the image of a Raptor on the icon. Why not fix that? Now I've just wasted a huge amount of time because of the game itself.
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