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  1. In official ,You just need to go a SE and when a alpha tribe kill and alpha if he gifth u the milk u can go to the obelisk then put the milk and salt upload in go to your island or center with a egg and then hatch it and go to pick one milk whenever u want iven if it says 0 tine when u pick up it got 30 min then u grab salt go to ur baby and feed it and even a 3 days tribe get his wyvern in our SE official server to their island server do you think is a broke game stuff or just is fair
  2. xbox quetz platforms missing

    Same here 2 of our 5 quetz platform structures are gone to the rest still ok and working perfect just i notice something the 2 quetz that lose their structures was parking really close each other and big rocks spawn really close to them in the update and also a small ruin
  3. Dude send a ticket in suport that way u can explain them how that happend the duplication glitch that u dnt want any more lol
  4. Tame limit

    we have that problem to, we are a medium tribe we reach the limit so 4 now i make another tribe in other xbox acount so im the owner so i pass the dino farm to that tribe and i recruit new players to hlp me take care of the dinos and the farm and basically they are part of our main tribe or see them that way(im still teach them the game stuff) so they keep the low lv dinos and dilos, pachy all the egg farm we are allys with our original tribe so we build near and only i can unclaim so its working 4 us now its the 3 day today since we make this sub-tribe besides they dont have all the farm jet just the basic dinos to see if they are trustable but 4 now they are 3 and all seems to be ok
  5. the dams are rare to find if you are hosting in the same xbox that you are playing you need to be near the area in wich the dams spawn about the beaver dams that new to me i will give it a shoot in official server by the way in the farm in dedicated server i dont know how much time take a beaver to build dams and when you arent near the animals are put in stasis the will not do it if you arent near all the time that they need
  6. Need a player timeout

    Well may be i sound rude sry if its but how about put a alatm every 15 min that way you will wake if you fall sleep i dnt know to much about narcolepsia but i hear that somepeople cant wake up easy and spend a lot of your points in food and try to get in a tribe may be someone can hlp you whe you tame a long 1
  7. Alpha Dino's

    I thought that even if they are the same species they should be territorial i mean a rex atacking spinos , carnos to because they eat their food and other alphas should be atacked if there are no players nearby like itchys atack land dinos when no players nearby (its awesome see and angry itchy kill and eat a trike)
  8. Level 84 Character lost!

    may be a hardcore option was enable try to check that and you will need to w8 until your dinos will be clameable and demolish your house 4 your stuff s
  9. Only Allow Specified Engrams

    it will be great if it will be easier to use but i dnt belive that it allows buy engram with 1 point
  10. May be im grong but the lag in official servers is because when they have to much walls and buildings and players may be with a second xbox hosted will be less lag when you play with your friends im gonna try to do it today
  11. Save Dino Data

    well but tell me if im grong but usually when they dissapear its because they fall under the map but they still a live so thats why i said teletransport i never try but its a bug near vulcano that you can go under the map with a flyer dino so you can go to lock 4 them and try to bring them back because you can go back goint into the sea o water so you should try
  12. Be the Dino in PvP New Mode

    your idea is great i really like that but how about a zone to be a tipe of dinos that way wolf arent going to be in the beach and let the new ones to fight back south zone star as a compy and geet points when you kill you can earn points to unlock next dino herb or carnivore and having a range of kind of dino depending witch zone you chose to spawn like maximun you can be a rex or carno in the south and giga on the north but i thought giga is to op
  13. well ank i dont belive that all want to do that(i dont) but how about ask 4 that kind of server its good a fresh start but you lose so many time because you star over again and again when you get bettles, anki, doe, mammoth, rex the farming its realy fast so it will be cool a casual server to join time to time and star from 0 and all the server its fresh new and keep playing in your normal server i will do that in time to time
  14. the devs will take a lot of time to do that especially in the AI but i like the base recognicion with the set home comand but avoid the dangers and getting stuck sounds impossible right now even wild ones gets stuck i belive that this will be much better and easier to do in flying dinos i dont know may be a special structure to build like a landing zone so the dinos will recognice that and to place it should be clear of stuff , cliff, structures, etc so landing will be in circles
  15. Easier Taming for Oviraptor

    if you cant tame a ovi i dont belive that you gameplay will be epic besides you can go to the coast and grab wild bronto eggs and look for a lower lvl i tame mine with 8 bronto and 200 dodo in a official server