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  1. Oof sorry my filter did not work have a great day I don’t have pc version I’m very sorry
  2. Introduction Hi my name is Jyai I’m 16 and level 85 I play around 5 hours a day it depends if I’m doing breeding for the tribe I’m good at breeding pvp and boss fighting I’m very experienced I have been playing Since the game came out. if you need more information contact me on email jyaiboy@icloud.com or Psn jyaiboii07 discord is jyaiboy#9792
  3. Oh sorry I forgot to add I have gotten alpha Ascension on a pc account and on my psn account but not on my charter it was deleted when I played on legacy severs
  4. Application Hi my name is Jyai I'm level 85, My age is 16 My time zone is GMT+10 I’m good at raiding breeding and resource Grabbing If needed in a good tribe it’s team work and doing your part for the tribe I play like 7 hours a day sometimes more when breeding I left my old tribe because there was no team work everyone fight and we got nothing done if you ever need to contact me email: jyaiboy@icloud.com discord: jyaiboy#9792 PSN: jyaiboii07 stay safe
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