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  1. And looky looky here, patch has dropped, and it STILL doesn't work. Now instead for timing out, I end dropping out of the game entirely. We are making excellent progress here lads... I refer you to my previous points.
  2. To be honest Tex, the guy has a point. The continued repetition of these errors, and faulty deployments, points to WC not having a robust Constant Improvement program. I am sure you are aware that C.I. is where they take the lessons of the past and learn from them? If they had an organised business they would be able to pass on this learning to everyone in their own sphere of influence; staff, devs, artists, partners, suppliers. This would enable them to avoid these constant pitfalls, or at least create a more streamlined process for resolutions. They would also be able to automate a
  3. I love how you decided to gloss over the point I was trying to make. That they should have, by now, learned to properly prepare these damn updates. That we all make so much noise, is because it is particularly galling that they are still proving to be incapable of an appropriate level of due diligence.
  4. You have to be kidding me. This should have been QA'd before it was rolled out. I don't really care how hard they are working on it. Their workload is self-inflicted and something they will need to resolve themselves. If they had done their due diligence prior to release we would not be in this situation. The fact that you don't even see the point in our complaints proves that WC are as feckless as I believed. The whole point of these complaints is to make WC AWARE of the problem, make it noisy, and painful enough for them to take the appropriate steps to prevent this happening
  5. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WILDCARD!? No patch this morning, still no resolution to this issue. Why did I pay you and MSFT? Why am I paying Nitrado for my server? What the raptor are you asshats doing?!?
  6. You sodding well broken it again Wildcard.... Why can't you and Microsoft play nice?!? How can both of your teams screw this up so badly after EVERY patch!? Can't join any Win10 servers, connection timeouts on all of them. I've reinstalled the patch, I've restarted my server, I've restarted my client, and my PC. Multiple times. Your Patch is broken, again!
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