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  1. Looking for active tribe members for gensis I have one spot Have a 5 man tribe good base and tames I have one spot open might be one more opening up if interested let me no only active ark players
  2. It’s no problem , your still more than welcome to join on the Xbox server if you playing pc u can still join
  3. No trolling if wanna troll go some were else how come you don’t have high level survivor I don’t mind what level you are wants you play and have experience
  4. A player with Experience if high level survivor all the better if not wants they have ark experience some one who is willing to play only started up this base couple days ago right across from me is alphas best mate and once I build up a bit we be in alliance but we’re the base is now no one will find , 2 big tribes be side us and it’s only 3 ways in they took up the 2 I wanna take up the other way I am tight with the 2 tribes beside us have a few Rexs anky therios can get what ever I want if you willing to play. Add me I am on Xbox alanjoyce2017 be nice haveing more tribe members at the mome
  5. Looking for tribe members on genesis good experienced players Hello I am on genesis 120 I am looking for players that is Experienced on ark and wanting to play genesis I have a start up base and nice tames most important I am in alliance with all alpha tribes right across from me is a huge tribe I am good friends with if any one wants to join let me no has to be Experienced players only no beach bobs our noobs ,
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