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  1. I didnt lose anything though, I loaded the game to just before when I fought the spider. I only fought it as a test to see what I'm hoing to need to improve on. From what i saw, its nearly hopless to attempt to fight it solo. A few of my friends still play ark. I'll ask them if they are willing to help.
  2. I tried the broodmother last night. The fight went horribly. I had the daedon set to auto healing, but for some reason it decided to just not give that buff. The yutyranus on auto courage did courage once over the course of the entire fight. My therizno died i 1 hit. My daedon died shortly after the therizno. My dinos got the spiders health down about 1/4. I'm not sure what went wrong here. Do daedons randomly stop their auto healing buff? I think the final problem was the crappy tame ai. Every single dino I had rushed the broodmkther which is a horrible idea. The megatherium was one of the f
  3. What's Your favorite dinosaur? My favourite would probably be either a sabertooth or raptor.
  4. At this point I'd take a white ringed Crate over a yellow. With yellows and above I have gotten really inconsistent drops that range from ascendant saddles, to ramshackle pike plans.
  5. I havent had id on official. I've only ever seen this happen on solo worlds.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys! Getting the yuty down there from the tundra might be a bit tricky though...
  7. I'm pretty sure if you load the up a few daedons with meat and have them take shifts with a heal pulse you shouldn't have to worry too much about healing.
  8. Whats the point in grinding for hours every day for things you will never use? Whats the point in playing on a pvp server if you're a pacifist?
  9. Broodmother advice? I just finished collecting the artifacts to fight the broodmother on gamma difficulty. Is there any particular gear or dinos I should be bringing? Ps: I dont plan on taming 30 rexes. I play single player and don't want any part in that.
  10. Xbox official servers too grindy So I tried to join an Xbox public server a while back, only to find out how bored everyone there is, and how much grinding they do. I was trying to find a fun pvp tribe wars server, but on all the servers I looked at, nobody wanted anything to do with pvp. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to avoid conflict, but when you have about 15 rexs and 2 dozen carnos you can afford to get in a few wars. Edit: its also nearly impossible to progress on those servers because there are almost no areas people didn't cover with pillars. The only way to progre
  11. In all of my time playing this game I have never had anything stronger than a compy attack my base. My base is usually located at the hidden lake (which is very easy to defend) and the southern islets (which has a fairly low spawn rate for large dinos) plus my 12 or so raptors guarding every inch of my base. I just use wood for my house because it's easy to get, I like the look of it and its easy to repair if I accidentally punch the door.
  12. Whats the point in metal/tek bases? Outside of a server, I dont really see much point in getting a metal/tek base. Or even stone. If you are playing on a private world or one only with your friends, I dont see much point in upgrading to stone or anything above. Unless you have a habit of building bases near gigas I dont see the point in spending so many resources on a base that is exactly the same as a wooden base. Sure tek doors are automatic, but all you just need to press 1 button to open a normal one.
  13. A very off topic post for me Most of my posts have been fairly critical, but I'm taking a break for this one. In my years of playing this game I have found that Ark is a game with a very diverse player base. Its a game that almost anyone can enjoy. I think thats a pretty good accomplishment. Good job Wildcard.
  14. update: Literally 5 minutes after I made this post I got a ramshackle sickle from a blue supply crate.
  15. I've tried but that usually ends with a dead dino floating in the river. Right now my best strategy is to just kill them all right away and hope they don't spawn back soon.
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