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  1. Do we need an OCTOPUS in ARK? I believe the the Tuso is great. Yeah real great, But imagine a OCTOPUS , that can attach itself to surfaces and go invisable, Slingshot the rider out of the water into the air, and suffocate water creatures while its invisible. Hold your character 20 meters out of the water while riding, and shoot ink just like the tuso. And of course the female octopus dies after her eggs hatch babies. And you dont even have to feed them afterwards, she lays like 4 eggs every time she lays them with 1/6 chance of female. What you thi
  2. PS4 PLUS FREE I say you guys offer ark free for PS4 PSN PLUS members, either in December or January. Servers are looking a bit quiet these days. We need more players to enter the ARK. Hell don't give all the servers for free, the good players will progress and buy other maps. We need more dedicated players in the ark. Thanks. Theres 41.5 million subscribers ON PS4 PLUS MEMBERSHIPS Regards
  3. Test T Here, and i have one thing to say bro, its not like you're paying for stuff, you are just extending the duration of time that your cryopods last in ark data. 24 hours a is a bit too low. especially on update days. The devs can at least extend it to 36 hours or 48 hours rather than 24 hour timers in ark data.
  4. I will pay, And its not pay to win its pay if you have the money.... if you dont go ask your parents for some.
  5. Payment Option Hi, Im a fan and a user in the ark PS4, Ive been playing for a while, and there are a few glitches, Im a user of ark data and believe yes it shouldn't be used as a storage box. BUT, and there shouldn't be any, tell that to all those cheater meshers. Lets be fair 24 hours in ark data is a bit unfair. My suggestion: Make a payment option for Ark data for storing items, it will minimize meshing, cheating and constant fear of getting wiped, as well as always having to visit a terminal or OB. example: 1 year subscription to ark data $9.99 a month paid in
  6. Accessible cameras from PS4 a surveillance system Hi, i work all day. I love playing ark. But... sometimes I want to make sure everything’s running smoothly but can’t. What if you add a surveillance system inside the ark where a survivor installs it and it runs off of electricity accessible with an encrypted code and barcode scanner via a users phone and only by that users phone. The survivor would download the app and then access the surveillance security system and move and view the cameras inside the ark... this will allow a player to also check up and inform all
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