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  1. That's right, I mistakenly pressed to eject when I was creating the tribe. There is NO ONE in it. (not yet reached the point of adding user) Now it shows me everything in red, with my name of owner and tribe, but it says: prohibited damage to disconnected and I have 1 day left for the adobe foundations (the rest is metal). Does not recognize me!! I wrote to the support (with photos and user) but the 5 days that I could not answer (I work 16 hours a day) have passed and I just did it today to reactivate the query
  2. I'm on the streaming on Steam: user: estebanr37 (unfortunately I only know Spanish), I try to fix myself with the translator, sorry
  3. I started a session again: it appears that I have no tribe or anything. (although everything is in my name) and that of the tribe I was creating.
  4. The theme is like this: years ago I play alone, in 4 worlds, it occurred to me to make a tribe, to invite my wife. I create it, then I create a group, without putting attributions. next: I erroneously touch the expulsion button (not the one to leave the tribe) and automatically I am left, everything happens to be in light blue letters (animals etc) where it indicates my name of proprietor, and the name of the tribe that I have created. I left ARK and entered again: everything happens to red letters and (prevented damage to disconnected) It is a tribe without people, things and animals, a
  5. How to get my tribe back I started creating a tribe for the first time (I always played alone), in a moment I erroneously tightened the shoe, and without any warning, I can no longer interact with my things, although they say they are my property (in light blue), and everything points out as avoiding damage to disconnected. I continue to appear as the only member of the tribe on the menu, but without the right to anything. It is official server Thank you !!
  6. I have the same problem, at least we know it is from the server and not our own.!
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