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  1. I dunno, since I'm using mods, I just used a mod as a workaround. I use creative mode so if you don't, this workaround would be pointless for you: put down a bunch of vanilla tek troughs, use the modded endless trough. Put it down, refill all tek troughs with it, when done, pick up the endless trough or destroy it. It's up to everyone how much they want to mod and to what extent, but if something breaks modded content that will no longer be updated, my solution is to use mods heavily to fix it. It's better than grinding again or putting up with the blinding circles. I do agree that the circles are annoying and I'd like them gone. So I'm on board with the removal of them. I just thought I'd share a solution some might want to use in the meantime, so their cool builds don't look all crappy.
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