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  1. Recruitment Hi my gamer tag is Clayton__5150 i have a level82 pvp official I am 19 and looking for a tribe that I can help of and receive help when needed. I don’t mode what tribe you want me in but I have all maps but Genesis. Thank you for your time I hope you consider me
  2. Hey man I would love to join but want to talk more about the tribe but I wasn’t able to find ur psn so here’s mine Clayton__5150 and it is two _ also I am level 81 hit me up if u can thanks for ur time
  3. Interview Hi my name is Clayton I’m 19 and lvl 72, I love to breed and tame dinos. I play roughly 8 to 10 hours a day broken up and I am pacific day light time. I also have a friend how plays as much as me and loves to build and tame and he lives in the same time zone. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider us.
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