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  1. Done, My problem is now solved. Thank you so much for your help @caleb68 !
  2. Thanks for all your input it means the world to me. I will now try the settings out and see if it works.
  3. Thanks for answering. The thing is that my server is a standalone server with no cluster attached, can I still use this -clusterid=mycluster123 in my additional parameters?
  4. I sent a ticket to my host and explained my problem but their solution did not solve it. They told me to add the -NoTransferFromFiltering setting in their additional parameter box. I have now put the setting in the additional parameters but I can still download my items from my single player world into my HostHavoc server. So im not sure anymore what setting it was that prevents players from downloading items and dinos from ARKdata in the obelisk. I thought it was -NoTransferFromFiltering but I was wrong. I have still disabled Tribute downloads on my server so people cannot download anything. This is not optimal. Anyone knows what server setting prevents single player downloads?
  5. How do I disable transfers from single player to my own Rented server I just discovered that on my ARK Genesis server people can enter a single player world and upload items and dinos from their single player save. Then download them onto my pve server. This is a function that I do not want to have. How do I disable item and dino transfers from single player to my rented server? I know that there should be a setting called -NoTransferFromFiltering that I have used before on my previous host. But they had a clickable setting for it. Where should this setting be placed for it to prevent downloads from Single Player? And is it even this setting that prevents it? I have for now disabled Tribute downloads on my server so people cannot download anything. The way I want it is that players should only be able to upload and download things from within my Genesis server. Not from any other place. Can anyone please help me with this or maybe point me in the right direction? The host Im using is HostHavoc.
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