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  1. I've read that you can increase the structure limit, but from what I understand this doesn't increase the sign/canvas limit. Is that a setting we can change or is it hard coded?
  2. Increase Sign/Canvas Limit Hi guys, is there any way to increase the amount of signs/canvases you can have in a certain area? We've got a limit of 150 on our server and we'd like to increase it.
  3. Unofficial server wiped with update I'm playing on an ARK.io private server with some friends, and after updating the server to the most recent update everything has been completely wiped from the server. All structures and dinos are gone. Our characters still have their stats and engrams but all of our inventories were also wiped. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything we can do?
  4. Just to try and help explain things to the devs in the hope that they read this thread. This issue seems to apply to all mods using some variant of the vanilla feeding troughs. So far I've confirmed this issue is happening on S+, Super Structures and Automated Ark. The issue is with both normal feeding troughs and tek troughs. The patch notes makes it sound like the range was supposed to be only for tek troughs but it is present on the feeding troughs as well. The mod creators say they cannot fix this issue until the Ark dev kit is updated.
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