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  1. yes, it has changed scouting.. before you had to wait 24 hours to transfer a dino again, now you dont have to wait if you transfer your dino in a criopod. And also I dont know if you are from a big tribe or something, but at least for me that i have been wiped multipled times (even in the most hidden spots),its dead: big tribes dont let you to grown up, the only way to survive its being in a big tribe or having strong alliances.
  2. Nerf or wipe cryopods I know cryopods are cool, but they broke completely the game, if you play in pvp servers you may see that the big tribes commonly make something called "Trolling", trolling its the reason why I think ark official pvp is dead, wildcard did something amazing when they eliminated meshing but some people meshed to survive and I think they didnt solve the biggest problem, trolls search and search for bases to raid, they dont let people grown up and they can easily move from server to server because dinos inside cryopods doesnt have coldown, so they can easily transfer their scout dino and look for weak bases, I think cryopod has to be nerfed I would really like that you had to wait around 1 hour to transfer again a cryopod with a dino inside. If that happened I think trolls would be less effective so official pvp community would be much bigger and nontoxic. Also I think cryopods are making some creatures useless for example, if you want to make a cave you dont need to tame a thyla, a wolf or a raptor you just need a big creature like a rex and a cryopod so most medium and little dinos are useless now.
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