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  1. Thanks for your help GrumpyBear, so I will have to do it. A greeting. ?
  2. Transfer of survivors Transfer of survivors. I have 2 characters created, on different maps (1 in Valguero and the other on Crystal Island, for example) ... If I want to take the survivor from Valguero to Crystal, without removing the one that is there ... does he overwrite the one in Crystal or just won't let me in? ?
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    I have been playing for 214 hours and in these hours of gaming the Ark servers are disappointing me too, as well as my small clan, lag that cannot be considered as such since it is completely frozen, falls that kick you out of the game and when we try to reconnect the server does not appear until after 15 to 20 minutes. We come from Atlas, and it makes me wonder if the same thing will happen when the game finally comes out officially and not in beta format like now. Will the same happen? Do we spend the money for this mess of servers? Does anyone from the creators take it seriously and have
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