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  1. application Im 18 with over 750hrs and a level 85 character on official. I mainly played solo on the island, Ragnarok and a bit on extinction. I want to play with other people as playing solo gets boring plus i get wiped too often by bigger tribes. Discord is Mati123979#3465
  2. Application Steam name: Mati Timezone: GMT Discord: Mati123979#3465 Age: 18 Experience: 750hrs playing solo. haven't done bosses, tek and proper endgame stuff as i would usually get wiped being a solo but have experience grinding and know bits of everything since playing solo How active: i can play around 2-3 hours during the week but like 6-7 during weekends and sometimes more during week depending how long im in uni. What makes me better than other players: I love to do grinding, i learn pretty fast if i dont know something. Also i got lots of spare time.
  3. application Hi my name is mati. I have over 750hr on ark and im level 85 on official. I want to play with other people as most of my play time was solo. Like grinding. Discord is Mati123979#3465
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