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  1. If uninstalled the game now to see if downloading it again with get rid of it. But it's corrupted all my survivors.
  2. This new DLC has raptored everything up, it's real fun but ffs even bethesda try playing the game before the release to check for bugs like this.
  3. So much Rage I have no idea how you managed this wildcard, but some how with all these massive updates you managed to f*ck creative mode so now it ruins your character once you turn it off. Very strange set of Engrams unlocked and unable to unlock new ones even when you spend points. I would like a refund and this is the last time o ever play one of your messed up games.
  4. Weird one So I'm plaything the new Genesis DLC and I switch to creative mode to make a GPS, because the bog all looks the same haha. Anyway once I switched it off and logged out and back in, to clear the Engrams, i have a completely new set of Engrams unlocked. So to see if it's just that game that's gone messed up I log in to my other local game on the island and the same set of Engrams are unlocked. I can't learn new ones but the points still go down
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