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  1. This is the only game I have problems with all the lag and I have a 99% chance of not loading in on the first try usually at least 3 just to load in and has taken over a dozen , and constant large updates, 58.46 GB for an event update is ridiculous , Pretty much have to download the whole game again just for an update. Keep telling myself I am going to quit but I keep coming back, After this update I should get on and give all my dinos and stuff away and just be done with this. This game could be great but never will be with the lag and constant huge updates.
  2. You pretty much need to download the whole game for every event, This is just stupid , A lot of people do not have great internet I will use all the data from 3 phones and still have another day at least of downloading at 1 to 3 Mbs, That is if the server allows it to download at a reasonable rate but I have complained before and wildcard does not care or the people in charge never hear about the problem because the programmers are hiding it, And yes this is the only game that I have such problems with no other game lags like this , no other game takes me up to 12 times just to load into it ,
  3. I read somewhere that they would have smaller faster patches but so far it is taking me longer to download 10 GB than if did 20 something GBs .
  4. Not wildcards fault ? then whos fault would it be ? everyone is complaining about the constant glitching and I would not complain about a update once in a while but updates bigger than the original game file are a little excessive especially when a day latter they have another big update and not even week after that another with multiple server updates in between where they kick you off the game. After all the updates game play has just as much lag and glitches no other games I play have this problem..
  5. these Updates are ridiculous I play on Xbox , Maybe the makers should think about all the people that do not have super fast internet within the last two week I have had to download 85 Gigabytes worth of downloads not counting the DLC updates , Three days downloading the first 55 GB only to get on for 15 minutes and have to get off for a server update , next morning I get back on to see another 11 GB update another day of no play, Now about a week later there is another 19 GB update so there goes another day of doing nothing but downloading. Be nice to know what is getting updated becaus
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