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  1. Bigboyo

    Magmasaur Saddle

    yeah well i'm on windows 10 unofficial so the same i guess. Over 95 too, i did receive one from a mission once but yeah as far as i can see thats the only way to get one for us....
  2. Bigboyo

    Magmasaur Saddle

    it doesn't even come up in engrams... There's nothing at all related to a magmasaur
  3. Bigboyo

    Magmasaur Saddle

    Surely it's not just my server..
  4. Bigboyo

    Magmasaur Saddle

    It doesn't appear in there on mine.... I guessing it's just called a magmasaur saddle?
  5. Bigboyo

    Magmasaur Saddle

    Magmasaur Saddle Is there any way to craft the new magmasaur saddles? on the wikki it lists what materials you need so i assume you can but i can't find where you would make it anywhere.
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