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  1. To be honest I just wanted a challenge that's why I went with PvP. I chose hard coz I can get higher lvl tames easily. I know everything else too is high lvl. But it atleast I get decent stamina and M.S. on my tames. The higher health and melee cancel out the higher lvl wild dinos melee and health or atleast that's what I thought Thanks I will try to get better saddles for my dinos. Caves are the way to go right?
  2. How to survive turrets Hi I am new to Ark am currently on an unofficial server(PVP- Hard) am lvl 100 and have tons of resources. But I have 0 tames because all of my tames die to turrets. I have lost 5 lvl 450 pteranodons and don't want to loose any other tame that's why I just don't tame anymore. Everybody has a sh*t ton load of resources and hence all have turrets so everywhere I go I have to face them. I keep getting one shoted or if I survive the first one I still haven't been able to run away from any Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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