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  1. I call bull crap! As usual wildcard wasn't ready and is using this as an excuse to postpone the date. And even if that isn't the case; harsh reality folks, some where in the world at all times terrible things are happening. We can not stop life to mourn for them. We can mourn but have to move on at the same time. If we don't move on and keep living then the evil has won. Next week the cops will still have murdered an innocent man, and likely will have murdered another one whether we've heard about it or not. The CCP will still be a bunch of evil ass hats and the world will still be to cowardly to really do anything about it. Covid 19 will still be killing people, I'll still be at home while other retards are running around pretending like it's not real. Stupid me, I thought I was going to able to enjoy the new update before the college summer session starts but wildcard studios, 4 dumb-ass bad cops, a virus and some Commie bastards get the last laugh. I've been paying for a server I haven't been using for several months while waiting for this map to be released. I wasn't impressed with the genesis map but I was excited about crystal isles. I canceled my server, and uninstalled ark. GL folks.
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