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  1. Still broken on my end. I play on official crossarks through the MS store and all of my otters are missing from the genesis server I play on. The version is updated and I can see the event/log in but my otters are gone and the baby otters I have in my cryofridge have a velociraptors icon and whenever I empty the cryopod nothing comes out but whatever was in it is gone. Is my whole entire line wiped out? Seriously? Tribe log does not say they starved.
  2. Still broken post update? Hi all. I play official pvp on crossark I'd like to clarify that Im playing from my pc via microsoft store. All of my tribe mates who are on pc can log in just fine and have updated to v800. My ark (upon launch) says I'm still at 799.12. All of my expansions have recently updated (today) but the core Ark: Survival Evolved app is not updating and there is no update available for it. I tried to completely uninstall assuming that my case was unique since my tribe is unaffected. Now the core game will not even install. I experience an error every time I initiate the download, and for some reason all of the expansions have reinstalled and updated fine. What on Earth is going on?
  3. GaryJ

    Boss help plz

    Boss help plz So I recently started playing ark again, and I moved from Xbox to pc but to keep the few connections I had we moved to a crossplay ark cluster and lost my old character. I'm in a tribe with 3 ppl including myself, and we have rexs, bloodstalkers, ferox, you name it. Unfortunately when we moved to pc we lost all our high level official characters. We are all 3 veterans and had most tekgrams unlocked but now none of us can even use the Tek replicator we pulled from a crate making our ferox pretty useless atm. My account is too new to access the trades forum, and idk where else to ask. We are looking for an established, official server, crossplay cluster tribe that we can potentially link up with someday and do a boss fight. We don't have allies to ask and our own server is pretty hostile so we hide for the most part. It doesn't matter which boss, and neither do we care about gamma beta or alpha. We are just looking to do one boss, one time, and maybe come away from it with a few phone numbers for the Rolodex but the loot is not a concern. If you need to fill any slots for your roster please contact Gary Jarcya on Xbox live. We are willing to negotiate a price if it comes to that. We may even chalk up our own rexs to get it done if that alleviates concerns. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
  4. Play Anywhere bug Having trouble w play anywhere. Bought on Xbox, installed and patched fine. Runs great. Hop to pc, had to install ark, no prob. Genesis gives me an error w the season pass and expansion 1 that says basically: unknown error occured, install failed, will retry shortly. And guess what every time it retries, unknown error. Insta failed. When I open ark there is no wildcard splash like Xbox and at the main menu (vanilla "A", no scorched or abb or extinction flavored menu) there is a ferox in the corner urging me to buy Genesis so obv my copy at least registers it's release (go figure the money taking part works fine) but I can't click join ark. At all. The button doesn't highlight when I mouseover, and single player registers Genesis as a playable map but I can't get to the server list all I can do is host. Am I on the wrong version? Can I install from anywhere except the Microsoft store app? What's going wrong here and how do I fix it without someone just telling me to restart/factory reset my rig?
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