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  1. It doesn't make sense that we can't build in the few caves that have gen 2 because you don't block anything, there are no dinosaurs that just go out there or there's anything essential. It makes sense that you can not in the area to enter the space but in caves that do not block anything not. In many areas in PVE there is starting to be lag and I wish I could build in a cave to be quieter without wanting to block anything
  2. In theory they have already fixed it on PC with the latest patch, now to wait for them to put it on consoles
  3. Very frustrating that nothing can be farmed from the asteroids only when the server restarts There's not even astrodelphis, it's like it doesn't respawn anything
  4. They keep appearing without resources, what sense does it make? Do you have to be 24 hours to be able to farm in space? Only resources leave when restarted the server
  5. They still came out because of the restart of the servers. Can anyone confirm if it has already been fixed?
  6. And it seems that it only happens on PS4
  7. I have 5 days without being able to farm element, the problem is not now
  8. I'm in official and it's impossible to farm element, even if you're there the first one doesn't appear the crystals, hopefully you see 3
  9. The same thing happens to me and nobody says anything, it's hopeless
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