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  1. Wildcard needs to do something about abusive admins I'm so sick of these god complex admins like the gpd cluster admins who even though its a PvE server run around killing players and their tames with admin gun then stealing their stuff for no reason
  2. Well I have no problem finding them in crates I get them all the time way more than I need
  3. Any way to add chibis to genesis? Hey all I'm looking for a code I can add to my genesis PS4 gportal server to make chibis obtainable by players for example adding them to loot crates or Dino loot
  4. Just buy a few tier 3 loot crates and you should get one
  5. They are in tier 3 you just got unlucky buy 2-3 you should get one
  6. I'm basically looking for a code to add chibis to myn if y'all are able to figure that out
  7. Every time I shutdown server all tamed Ferox disappear for good I'm working on a new server which means restarting server here and there while working on settings and I have noticed anytime I tame a Ferox if the server is restarted completely all my Ferox are gone it doesn't say they died and they are always locked in the house when I log out
  8. Has anyone figured out how to add items to the genesis in-game store? Has anybody figured out how to add items to the genesis in game store yet on PS4 servers preferably gportal I would like to add custom stuff to them
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