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  1. Honestly... Genesis isn't hard. Its hard for maybe an hour in the beginning until you build a hut and tame your first sarco. After that its just boring. There is no real exploration, there is mini-games to play, there are no real challenges. Genesis just.. isn't what I thought it was going to be.
  2. Kraegor

    Beaver Dams & X Otters

    As they are not listed in the Genesis wiki I doubt they are there. They may not have used a mod, but you can force them to respawn via a .ini change to replace one species with another. I have been to the frozen lakes 20 times on my server, and have run multiple dino wipes to see if they spawn and they do not. So unless its a bug specifically for one type of platform or something, I do not know.
  3. rare mushrooms drop from trees in bog, small purple flowers in arctic biome give rare flowers a quick trip to luna you can gather rocks with dinos with bite attacks (normally for harvesting berries) by the ton sqauatic/aggrevic mushrooms and stuff can be harvested in bog from blue mushroom stalks a magtherium in the bog does well to get chitin from bugs as well (not to mention enraging for 400% damage) you get way more oil from killing tek creatures then you ever will from oil nodes. Just go there with a badass dino and slay everything. (I think i got like 800 in an hour) something in the bog rivers/ponds drops pearls but I haven't figured out what they are yet. Maybe one of the fish/leeches? Not sure, but got some pearls when I was out on my baryonx killing fishes and got some.
  4. X-Plant Species and Swarms I figured I would try to keep swarms/dinos away by planting some X-Species Plants around the top of the base for some rudimentary defenses against the annoying swarms. 12 X-Species plants were destroyed in about .5 seconds by a level 15 swarm. Yay?
  5. I have confirmed that rare flowers are found in the Arctic Biome around 83/28 I believe. There are lots of locations. The flowers they spawn in are rare. They are VERY tiny bushes that are a slight blue/purple flower (hard to see because of snow covering). But they are around smattered about. They are literally the smallest bush/flower model int he snow biome. You can find them in small groups spattered rarely around the area. Took my theriz out with his finesse gather attack and found about 400 flowers in 1.5 hours running around.
  6. Genesis reset a lot of the settings. You may want to go into the settings of whoever is the hosting player and reset the tether distance back up.
  7. I went to Lunar surface, fought a 180 Tek Rex. He was hitting my Theriz for about 85 per hit. Then I went to Lava biome and fought a level 140 X-Rex. He was hitting my Theriz for 320 per hit. Also went to Arctic biome and got smacked by a 150 Rhino doing about 310 damage per hit. Wow.. seriously.. these are some insane damage numbers coming off the X Species
  8. Kraegor

    Stuff bugged

    This has been fixed in the most recent update for PC. Make sure you update your patches. This was fixed about 16 hours ago or so.
  9. Did you guys do the patch update? Fixes the issue for me.
  10. To be honest, I am pretty sure one of the devs misplaced a decimal point and instead of a 5% damage resistance they got 50%.
  11. X Species Creatures Can anyone tell me why damage done to X species creatures (raptors and such) are decreased by 50% then increased further with mating boost? But when you tame them, they do not retain that damage decrease buff?
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