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  1. Well I’ll be dipped! I played around with the design build in solo more. Turns out it was an electrical intersection and two diagonals back at the Generator that was preventing replacement of anything nearby or outside the 9 foundations. Removing them allowed me to replace the windows and then restore power. I was on the verge of rebuilding the entire thing from the deck up! It just took reverse deconstruction to find where the problem was. What a pain in the that was to figure out!
  2. Has the max number of levels that foundations can be lowered on Rafts been changed in Ark mobile? I was trying to replace some windows on ceiling edges around foundations and am getting the “exceeds foundation support” error. The windows are only 1 wall above the foundation level and i can no longer attach ceilings to the existing foundations. I’ve experimented on the same raft build in multi PvE and in Solo and the “bug” happens in both.
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