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  1. Does anyone know of a work around to get this working? I have collected all the hlna notes but the skins aren't spawning in after I die. I have also tried all the suggestions in this guys video of how to get them to spawn but still no luck
  2. Ahh crap, thanks for letting me know though I wont bother looks like we'll just have to wait for another update [emoji849]
  3. I'm having this same issue as well, expect my crashing happens randomly while playing as well, I'm on standard xbox one. Was going to try uninstalling and reinstalling but didnt want to lose my single player game saves, were your single player game saves still there when you reinstalled?
  4. Ark keeps crashing on me! Is anyone else experiencing this atm? I've read up online and seems to be a problem for people some times, I've tried all the tips re starting xbox ect but one of them is to uninstall the game and reinstall it. I'm a bit hesitant to do this incase I lose all my single player game saves, cant seem to find an exact answer online, some people saying I would lose it as single player saves are stored in the game not the cloud and only server game saves are stored in the cloud, but others saying I wont lose it. Can anyone help clear this up for me? Cant think how many h
  5. Ah ok I thought that would of been a bit harsh of them to not allow it on certain maps. I'll just keep going, I've got 4 dodos in a pen and I'm getting a s**t ton out of them anyway so hopefully wont take long
  6. Hi everyone, I must of gone through a couple of hundred dodo eggs trying to get the megalodon chibi with no success. I'm starting to wonder if I wont get it because I'm on scorched earth atm and they're not on this map? Anyone know if I'm right or should I keep trying?
  7. You'll probably find you have to relearn the engrams for what you need. All my engrams have been wiped as well so I'm having to go through and relearn all of them, which is a lot at my level lol
  8. Hi all, I've logged into ark today after the eggselent adventure update and my level 106 character has reset?!? I've got 105 skill points and lost all my engrams! Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? I dont even know how I'm supposed to open a ticket with wild card
  9. That is a very good point be nice to earn a wyvern on the original map for them, plus I think I'll always look back and wish I had completed that map as well. Also didnt realise there was so may good engrams from that dlc, cheers guys
  10. So I've just completed the overseer on the island and I know the next map in the story is SE. But I'm wondering is it even worth playing/completing? Does it give any new tek engrams or engrams that will be useful on other maps once I've completed it? I've watched various videos on SE now and I can see the conditions are harsh which can make life difficult with power cuts and heat waves ect I'm just thinking if I'm not gonna get any new tek engrams out of it shall I just skip it? What's everyone's thoughts?
  11. Ok incase anyone does have the same problem I found a fix. I took the whole suite off put it all in the tek fabricator and repaired each item, put it all back on and now it's working [emoji1305] Had a thought that maybe because I took the helmet off underwater it let water into the suite making just the clear vision not work properly [emoji848] far fetched I know but doing the above has fixed it though lol
  12. Anyone else having this problem underwater? Just got my tek suite and was trying it all out. Whent underwater, everything was fine vision was as clear as it supposed to be with a tek helmet. But to see the comparison I took the tek helmet off underwater and it changed to the normal blue look and now when I put the helmet back on I'm not getting clear vision anymore? Tried repairing in tek fabricator that didnt work. Tried taking it off and putting it back on out of water that didnt work. And cant seem to find a solution online. Really annoying as that was one of the things I was looking forw
  13. That's works a treat thanks very much! I thought it was fixed yesterday but had the same problem today. But with doing what you said its working fine now, nice one [emoji1305]
  14. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I think the bug has been fixed now as I tried it again last night and seemed to be working normally for me again [emoji1303]
  15. Strange how it's happened all of a sudden they was working the other day. Glad it's not just me though. Fingers crossed they fix it soon
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