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  1. you’re literally forced to build in caves now bro. Xbox official servers are dead. Titans are broken meks are broken everything is broken. They still have yet to do a mek wipe. As in mek rushing is raptoring broken. Meshing not fixed as there is still mesh methods and it took them over a year to fix the problem. WC doesn’t care and it’s pathetic.
  2. When the people who made the game don’t care about it. It’s going to die, game has dropped dramatically in playerbase.
  3. That’s not the point. My whole point was that the people who made the game don’t care. Yeah i set up schedules because i play this game competitively as a hobby. I don’t talk down on you for settin up schedules at work homie.
  4. The Reason The Game Is Dying PT2 Seems like people got butthurt over the last post, if you can see that the game is dying then idk why to say, official players on xbox has died down, a lot. On average there is about one hundred 0 pop servers. The devs seem to not care about anything. Although some do care and so do try and help but most don’t. In the past year the game has dropped player count significantly. Compare ark now to ark during legacy. it’s dead. If you’ve played the game as much as i have from when the game has dropped until now, you’ll know the game is dead. Pc may not h
  5. The Reason The Game Is Dying. So about a week and a half ago, we set up a base in a cave. Was constantly getting hit so we put in countless all nighters even had a schedule set up so when one person went to sleep another got on. Over the course of a week, we put in so much time into our base grinded up tek turrets mad heavies, bullets, spam, flak, etc. raised over 100 babies during the event. When the event went down and the servers restarted, our server didn’t go back up for a while. We fought hard to get our server back, until about an hour ago it was up. We logged on to the server
  6. Server Disappeared server disappeared after valentines event got taken down, anyone else having the same problem? wildcard won’t do anything about it.
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