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  1. Hey Goon Hey guys iam 30years old from Austria . Hvae arround 1,8kh Like to tame Farm Pvp Attack and Defending. Played a lot solo on offi but there is no Chance to build up something . Can be Online every Day at least 4h on the Weekends open end! Would ne nice to let me in to get a nice Time and Wipe some Bastards. My Discord Name is : TheRealEdi#7033 My Steam ID : 60732246 KOPIEREN
  2. Hey Guys wanna Join! Hey i am Edi iam 30years old From Germany Play ark since the beginning have arrounf 1.8k h. Have 1 Year break and come back to play again. Can be on every Day min 4h more on the Weekends. My Discord name is: TheRealEdi#7033
  3. Tribejoin Hey guys i am 30 years old have around 1800h play like min 4h a Day like to tame and Farm I am from Austria Timezone is ECT! Discordname: TheRealEdi#7033
  4. Steamname: TheRealEdi Timezone: ECT Discordname: TheRealEdi#7033 How Old: 30 Experience: 1800h+ Active: 4-5h minimum per day
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