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  1. It's working now. Seems there was a validation problem with the files. Thank you for the help
  2. the problem is still be present any help with the crash note
  3. The first few lines are LowLevelFatalError [File:F:\build\Trunk\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\StaticMesh.cpp] [Line:247] Invalid number of texture coordinates I am using the valguero map extension and chasm mods however after removing them from load order I was still getting the error message. I then tried to remove the platforms anywhere mod and adding those two back in and got the same message. I just tried removing the map extension as well as the platforms anywhere mod and got the same error message. I don't have any other mods that would add or change textures in the already existing Arks.
  4. Valguero Mesh Crash? Every time I go to play singleplayer on valguero I get to the point where I would enter in the world, but the game crashes every time. When I look at the crash report it looks like it's saying that there are too many meshes or something like that, I know that recently there was a patch for fixing meshes and that sort of stuff. I'm not sure if these things are related or not my guess is that they are however.
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