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  1. Thanks Guys I have never played on Rag I have always stuck to the official maps and I knew it was popular so maybe its time i dip my toes into Rag. and drop wise I always use the S+ Transmitter
  2. Decided to transfer my single player to multi for reasons. Hi peeps, So I have been playing my single player island map for awhile I enjoy building and breeding the best dinos but on single player the world only runs when your online so it takes a very long time even with settings boosted, So I decided to get a small multiplayer server I intended to transfer my single player map over with a FTP but somthing went wrong and I had to build my base again and as my player didnt transfer over I didnt have access to tek which my single player base was at I know you can use a command to ascend but I intend to do the progress with the bossess myself so I did use give codes to rebuild my base I didnt want to have to go through building wood then replacing with stone etc I know its cheating but I have done that soo many times now I have lost count anyway I have messed with the settings to get 150 dinos on the island and a few quality of life mods and settings but I am struggling to get decent spinos (which are my favourite dino) and rexs tek rexs etc 150s rarly ever spawn so I was thinking of adding another Ark to start making a cluster I have heard that Rag has decent amount of high level dinos but abberation also has a huge amount of Spinos any suggestions which ark I should add to the cluster? Also I am trying to get my friends back into Ark with little success lol I am a little lonely but its the same as single player... and heres my base I have taken insperation over the years from some builders on youtubes still alot of work to do the boat dock the water pens etc. good buildiers on the tubes of you .
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