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  1. I cant join any server at all except unoffical island pc servers My game worked fine for months. I’ve been able to play on any server I want to no matter what it was. But ever since the recent update I haven’t been able to get on any type of server except unofficial PC servers on the island. And only the island. I can’t join anything else or any other type of map. I have nat type 3. But that doesn’t explain why I was able to play for months before the update and now that the update is out I can’t play. All my dinosaurs and my base are for sure gone now and I haven’t been able to get in a game at all. What did you guys change? Whatever you changed has stopped me and my sister who both play from getting on our official dedicated server. Our stuff is for sure gone. I just want to play. I start to load but it just says connection timed out every time. I used to be able to but your last update has stopped me. Now i just have to play other games until you fix it.
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