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  1. Honestly I am getting very tired of the amount of glitches this game has. First, I tamed a baryonyx, brought it into a cave. I died, my body glitched, but I checked the tribe feed and it was not dead. I went back down in the cave and it was never to be seen again. Same thing happened with my sarco only it was leveled up and actually important, I was underwater, got caught in some jellyfish, lived, and my sarco was gone. Once again, checked tribe feed and he was not dead, so I scoured the ocean floor, nothing. Searched all through the middle, nothing. Searched the surface and literally everywhe
  2. So I have only seen one giga on my map on the island and I never saw it again. Tried to tame it by bringing it down from a mountain to the green obelisk rocks but I haven't seen it since. Looked up all giga spawn points and can't seem to find any. I haven't entered the tek cave but to my knowledge the ones in there are untameable. Tips on finding one to tame?
  3. My bf was playing on the island and said he saw unicorns... has this always been a thing?
  4. I have posted this a lot i know but I am trying to find real help for this because it is very frustrating. I have only seen 3 thylas in my game. I have seen zero quetz and gigas. I need help on why this is. I have looked up the spawn points and searched every single possible spawn point. I have 1x1 tiny bases on the map. Does this have anything to do with the spawning? Also, now when I find artifacts it will not give me an xp boost anymore. Any sort of logic would be great.
  5. I have been trying to find thylas, quetz, and Gigas on my map forever but they will never spawn. I have seen 3 thylacoleos on my ma in total when I have built it for a year and have still never seen either a giga or a quetz. I’ve roamed around their spawn points for literal hours and still for the life of me can’t find them. Is there a way to see what dinos are spawning in game and where? This way I can find and tame
  6. Thylacoleo help! Im playing on island, im level 90 something and have only seen 2 thylacoleos. Ive been up and down the redwoods and i cant find them anywhere. The dino spawn Rate is all the way up and i thought maybe changing the difficulty would help but it hasnt. Someone please help i want one so bad :(
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