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  1. Thanks so much for the advice, guess I'll withdraw the offer to join a cluster. I am a couple months into ark and bought a server hoping to make friends to play with, so far it sits empty except me and EJ. I guess I will increase my income as I have no real life friends who play ARK, Once again, thanks for the advice. I also advertise my server just so ya know Maybe I'll change maps and the island must be boring for people now lol. Windy
  2. how safe is it to join a cluster? Looking to find one to add my server to. Hiya, what are the ups and downs of cluster servers? I am currently looking to join one but need to know the risks. I am on AGS servers, currently running the island, but looking to change it up. mods are totally negotiable, or are they separate per server? I have all expansions except genesis so any map is new to me and accessible, my play time tops 100 plus hours per week. I have a job that is not very demanding. I have a discord server up 24/7 and website.I am also very friendly and helpful. So let's talk. email windy.trusty@gmail.com with an obvious title or leave a message here. current site https://unkabeansgames.wixsite.com/arkhaven
  3. ARK Haven 30 slots pve Island map No Grind! ARK Haven, designed to take the grrrr out of grind. We boast the Krafting center, a base on one of the early islands I setup to help players craft without the grind. Looking for fun friendly new type people to learn and play with. XP is doubled, resources spawn fairly quick and breeding is a snap. Not to mention I hide some nice loot in random spots for people to find. As of this moment ARK Haven is me, bring your friends and play the game for end game. I love making new friends. Server Admin {ME} Ayla in game there is a password, you can find it on the website, top right. https://unkabeansgames.wixsite.com/arkhaven
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