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  1. Fabricated Guns To me almost every fabricated gun besides the pump shotgun, is severely underpowered while fighting dinosaurs. No one every makes fabricated pistols because it take 10-20 shots to kill something even like a parasaur that is above lvl 95 (headshots too). So buffing the fab pistol and assault rifle dmg while fighting dinosaurs will increase player use because as it stands these two weapons are hardly crafted. Also this is a small fix but while sick it says that movement speed is decreased which is the opposite of the actual affect
  2. Arkhin

    Official NPCs

    Official NPCs Nothing is worse than getting wiped after days or weeks of working and starting naked once again on the beach with nothing to your name. To help players get started and practice Pvp I suggest adding NPC's that have all types of skill levels/weapons/armour just wandering around until killed by a player. With all these variables get better and better dependant on location. Flak armour in hard areas, chitin in forests, fur in the north, cloth/hide on the beach. I doubt incorporating bases for them is plausible so they just wander around in designated areas. There's already mods th
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