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  1. Captyre your dinos as BloodStalker in PvE? Is there any way to capture your tribemember and Tamed dino in PvE mode? I see I can do in PvP. Any setting or commandline there?
  2. Why is flyer setting is different between unofficialserver and official Is this map designed with flyers or not? I know we can bring flyers on aberration by hosting unofficial, but that is a optional. but on gen?
  3. teleporing issue 1.Bog NW is same as Bog N. But sometime teleport correctly 2.Dinos in radius is sometime not teleported Is it just me?
  4. Is there any way to view tribe chat? I've started a server. and few players are playing there. i want to check all tribe chats as admin. i know it's kind of abusing, but i wanna know if i can.
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