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  1. I'm very glad that you guys enjoyed the video. I had a lot of fun looking for a suitable soundtrack (bonus points for anyone who can guess where I originally found the fourth song). The grind to get the dilos was a pain, and getting them to the giga was an even bigger pain, but it paid off in the end if my dilos could die honorable deaths and entertain viewers as well. Going forward, what should I do with the remaining 11 dilos? (survival rate of 2.5%) Some suggestions have been: Build them an estate and set them up for an easy retirement (similar to how the Romans promised land to their veterans) Turn them into breeding stock regardless of their stat quality, because they clearly have a certain esprit de corps Put them in command of the next legion(s) Feel free to suggest a future for them. I tend to think that they've fought enough at this point, but I'm open to other plans for these glorious survivors. If I have time this semester for a fifth legion, DodoRex y/n?
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwxrblouixtel7m/dilolegion.mp4?dl=0 Use this link to watch the video on dropbox.
  3. The legion marches tonight. The logistics of this are a nightmare.
  4. My roommate last year played warhammer and he told me about the god emperor of mankind, so I was like "sweet, I like that, but a dilo instead." One of my friends suggested taking advantage of the quetz platform saddle to make a paratrooper division. I'm currently breeding some soldiers for that. Also: What is a good recording software to use?
  5. Idea: I'll use up my dilo breeding by-product dinos (not good enough for breeding) who have been sitting there forever. I'll pump their health and scatter them between the legions. Okay, the other legions: First Legion: Second Legion: Third Legion:
  6. Dilo Legion v4 vs. Wild Giga Hello All. I've just finished training and organizing my fourth dilo legion, and this one is my strongest yet. My previous legions were quite small - usually less than 100 dilos - but were able to take on high-level wild rexes and alphas on the island -except for the third legion which faced numerous setbacks in their tragic march to carno island (would have been a sea voyage, but stupid alpha leeds sank the boat). If you all are interested, I can tell the stories of the previous legions. Yes, I know this is stupid. I'm just doing it for fun. I currently have 8 mini-legions, each with 41 dilos. The legions are named by NATO phonetic alphabet from Alfa through Hotel, and they are organized by twos with follow distance to keep things orderly. Alfa and Bravo, for example are set at low following distance, with Charlie and Delta at medium. This way, when they all march behind me, they will not get so mixed as to inhibit the use of tame groups for maneuvering. Within each mini-legion, there are four ranks of dilo. -Conscripts are the weakest, since they are dilos that I tamed while wandering around without any selective measures. I only upgraded their movement speed, so most are around 350% mvmt. There are 10 in each legion. -Legionnaires are the bulk of each legion. These are dilos that I bred and raised to have high melee damage, and higher-than-average health (for a dilo). Most have around 750 hp and 1,000% melee damage. There are 25 in each legion. -Decani (singular Decanus) are higher-quality than the legionnaires, but fewer in number. These have around 1,500 hp and 700% melee damage. There are 5 in each legion -Centurions are the beefiest dilos in the legion. Each mini-legion has only one centurion, and they usually have around 4,000 health. Melee damage is not important for these dilos, and so it varies. The reason I structured the legions in this way is so that the conscripts, who are disposable garbage dilos, will rush in before the others to take the first hit and die. By the time the giga has started its next attack, the legionnaires will (hopefully) be able to get in one attack each, and then die. The Decani and centurions will then keep the giga busy for a little while by taking hits. Two mini-legions will attack at a time, according to their follow distance. So, Alfa and Bravo will attack together, and then Charlie and Delta will do the same. Alfa and Bravo will sustain some hits with their beefier dilos while the next to legions maneuver (using tame groups to whistle attack) to flank the giga and repeat the process. This is a bloody system, I know, but my dilos will relish the opportunity to die in combat. I also have 7 premium-quality imprinted dilos that serve as my personal guard, but I doubt they will have enough of an impact to discuss. I will be fighting alongside my loyal dilos with some low-level guns, wearing decent armor. I have a paracer-mounted Mobile Command Center from which I can respawn, if necessary. And if/when the legion fails, I'll just console-spawn a ridiculously high-level dilo, whom I will name The God Emperor of the Dilos, and it will kill the giga so that the spirits of the fallen legions will rest in peace. This will probably be what happens, even if I'm able to seek out a low-level giga. I'm waiting for a few of my friends to travel back to campus to get this show on the road, so I have time to beef up the individual legions or change my strategy if need be. What do you guys think? Will it fail, or fail catastrophically?
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