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  1. I have been running a cluster of servers for the last year or so, when I first started the servers my startup times averaged around 600-900 seconds. A few months ago, they started creeping up to 1500-2100 seconds and now in the last couple of days have increased to 4800-5200 seconds. I did recently add a couple of mods and a new API plugin but that was about 3 weeks ago. I also have a couple of crossplay servers with no mods or plugins and the startup times are the same on those maps as well so it doesn't seem to be mod or plugin related. Also with this I have been getting a threadwatcher hang
  2. I recommend using Ark Server Manager to setup and manage your servers if you are using windows, that said you need to have a different port for each map in your cluster and your server ports need to have an unused port at server +1 for each server as well. The server port and query ports need to be forwarded in your router, and opened in your firewall. If you use ASM the firewall rules are managed automatically along with server creation, updates, backups etc.
  3. Those servers may run it ok as long as you don't have many players or automation mods like S+/SS. You need at least one core and 6gb of RAM per map ideally. I run a 10 map cluster on a Dell R720 with dual E5-2689 processors and 128GB of RAM I picked up from Ebay for $200.
  4. I was never able to make any progress on this either, I did run across a mod called "Official Rates" that does enable my server to follow the Official Dynamic Rates and also gives you the ability to multiply the Official Rate by the rates you set on your server.
  5. Doesn't appear that you have a command line configured, which is where you specify the map, ports and several other parameters.
  6. It's all or nothing you cannot setup a detailed filter list. There may be mod that allows this functionality but it doesn't exist in the game configuration.
  7. I have that option as well and I copied the official ini and only changed the harvest rate value as a test so everything is setup exactly like the official dynamicconfig.ini except that one value. Have you been able to make it work? My command line arguments and dynamincconfig.ini file contents start "8-Test" /high /affinity 0C "C:\ArkSM\Servers\Server8\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe" TheIsland?listen?MultiHome= -Use
  8. I can confirm it isn't and issue with ASM, if you can confirm your runserver.cmd file has the correct ports you configured within ASM. You can also check your listening ports in resource monitor to see if your ports are being assigned to shootergame.exe. You should see the server port+1 and your query port. That's how we caught the 10gb port that wasn't cooperating, it was showing a random server port. Are you able to connect via LAN? Also what are you using for a router?
  9. Using Dynamic Rates custom link Has anyone been able to utilize the command line option below? I have tried hosting the dynamcconfig.ini file from a local machine running a webserver and inserting the link to that machine but it still pulls the rates from the official website instead of mine. ?customdynamicconfigurl=<link>
  10. Running a server doesn't require a very powerful PC, for an ideal setup you will want 2 cores, and 6gb RAM per map you are wanting to run. Faster processors will help but your can run a successful server on a 2.2Ghz Xeon processor but may start to run into performance issues if you have several players online simultaneously or a few moving large amounts of resources around. SSD's will improve your startup times significantly and may help if you have many players on at the same time but generally the disk usage is pretty low once the server is up. I highly recommend Ark Server Manager especiall
  11. Waiting for publication isn't definitive that there is an issue, its best to see if your server is available through other means. Ark-servers.net is my goto since you can set your server up immediately, Battlemetrics can take a day or two before it shows up. My servers showed waiting for publication for several months due to a double NAT issue but were still publicly accessible and visible on the server lists. That said ASM doesn't do anything other set the configuration parameters so once the config is generated ASM can be removed and your server will still function just without the GUI tools
  12. Cross Ark can't do Tribe Chat either since Tribe Chat isn't output to RCON.
  13. My servers had the same thing happen, I was going to leave it up until this weekend since several of my players were unable to take advantage of the event due to holiday travel.
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