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  1. Alright rust is not good to be fair i play it from 2014 but what i meant is rust changed the whole game you can see Rust legacy how bad it was, So mentioning rust is me trying to let the community knows that there is hope on reviving this game, And this game is dead its obvious. This game is fun but needs more updates that is the reason why i made this whole thing to give ideas maybe there is alot of them are bad i can't deny that. What is the issue with seeing the dinos move just like they used to do in real life, And why the movements are always the same.
  2. I can see from your replies that you're the type of a player that just cares about process, And games are actually for fun so let us figure out whats the issue with this game begin dead
  3. i agree with you but i didn't mean they need to change the whole game no but im just giving ideas about what im seeing that makes the game bad when it can be not
  4. Adding dodge move to players it would be nice if you add more combats, This will make the game comes more fun/action with less dies.
  5. *if you don't care about ARK improves don't even read* So let's think real quick how awesome it would be if Wildcard release a new update *What to do* 1.Fix every obvious bug especially the weapons not reloading one 2.Make the graphics in a whole new level (Not realistic but not childish) 3.Change how we create the character , How they look 4.Make the crafting menu/inventory simple and fast, Just like rust 5.Add more weapons, As example underwater knifes *Get rid of* 1.Slow transportation around the map (Important flyers are slow for some reason) 2.Big map with alot of unwanted spots 3.Game doesn't have much effects 4.You can't do combats like self defense from small creatures, You can't just grab a small creature and stab him in the neck or slide in between dino legs 5.Character stats are ridiculous 6.Gamma levels and lights in the game are so bad/makes the game more boring 7.Characters/AI are just like inanimates 8.Killing any dino are just hard and waste of time (There is no actions) 9.dinos needs care 24/7 Let's hope for the best and of course they can do all of this just like Rust did.
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