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  1. Symara

    Basilo taming

    Hey Guys. Thanks for your tips and help. Especially, about the soothing balm (thanks TypicalArkGamer). Now for the news about the basilo. I was building a small beach base, right next to my itchys, when 2 megalodons stranded within 3 minutes and I had 7 prime fish . I was able to feed 4 to the basilo before they wasted. And the rest I did with raw fishmeat. And it wasn't a problem at all. No need for the soothing balm (which is a x10 btw). So, it's mine now I parked it in the bay for now and a lystro right next to it. So, before I even attempt to go out to the sea when I have scooba, I will lvl the basilo already quite a bit. Thx again! Cheers, Symara
  2. Symara

    Basilo taming

    Basilo taming Hey guys. I need help with taming a basilo. I got lucky because one swam into the bay of herbivore island, while I already started to build a wall for my underwater pen for my itchys and future underwater tames. Now I got it traped in the bay. There is no way for mantas or megalodons in. So, it could be an easy tame. But this lvl 2 basilo is a f**king diva! I started to tame it with 40 raw fish on the last slot. Which wasn't enough apparently. I got to about 80% and then the taming bar started dropping. So, I thought to myself: go get a ton of fish and you are on the safe side. I farmed about 500 raw fish (not only for taming, also as future food for basilo, itchys and otter). But just to be sure I packed my inventory and all slots of my menubar full of raw fish stacks. They are stackable to 40. I started taming the diva again and after I ran out of my first stack (on last slot) and started to use the next stack (slot next to it) the taming bar dropped so fast, that I wasn't able to feed against it. While the taming bar gains 2, something% per feed, the bar dropped a lot more. About 3%. So, I have no clue how to deal. Especially, because I play single player and have to deal by myself. Haven't seen any sheep for mutton, haven't found therizino eggs for kibble. Prime meat rots too quickly....W*T*F am I supposed to do here?! I have 1 soothing balm, but don't know what it does and how to use it for taming the diva. I read that you shouldn't change taming food with basilo, so I am unsure if it's a good idea to feed raw fish mixed with soothing balm. Please help me! I appreciate every tip you guys can give me. I want this basilo so bad! This is a great chance to get one, especially when you are low lvl 38 like me... Cheers, Symara
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