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    Stacking Allow singleplayer to adjust the stack amount of items
  2. Stack size multiplier Allow single player across all platforms to adjust stack size. It's really annoying taking up all inventory slots when you can carry so much more.
  3. Glass structures I'm so tired of building a base with an awesome view, so I place greenhouse walls but its green and lighting makes it even worse. Add glass structures to allow you to be able to see them nice views and keep an eye out on your dinos and base.
  4. Teleporters, smithy, replicator.... It would be nice to allow crafting items and teleporter to be placed on ground. Doesn't make sense that you can place forcefield on ground but not the teleporter.
  5. Stop nerfing SP And add more mod features for it as well Bring back original flyers so you can add speed. Also more of the s+ features can be added to singleplayer and even private servers.Other sponsered mods should be added as well just to make single player a little more enjoyable. Some things for example is taking away cryo sickness. When your in single player there is no reason to have it. (P.S. recommending all this for consoles, show some love)
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