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  1. Corrupted Dinos in The White Cliffs So as the title says, i have an issue. There are corruption Dinos spawning as if I am in extinction, however I checked the wiki and there aren't supposed to be any corrupted dino spawns. I checked my mods and I will again, but if it isn't my mods please help me. Thanks for reading this and know there is somebody out there for you always.
  2. Snow Owls in Abberation Zone (Valguero) Snow Owls in Abberation Zone (Valguero) So I put in a script that essentially adds Snow Owls to Valguero. And so I tamed 2 males up (with Snowflake being my main). I thought that they would be able to go inside the Abberation Zone, but for some reason they won't and yes, I did turn on ''Force flyers in caves''. So why aren't they able to able to go inside? Please help me with this. Script for you guys here (including saddle) : ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries_Valguero_S
  3. Paracer Build Limit So I know that you can only build like 32 buildings on a Paracer Platform Saddle, but can you like do something to make it hold more Structures. Please help me I love my paracer and i want to have a big base on her.
  4. Therizino or Rex Since I've been taming a lot of Therizinos I haven't felt the need to tame any Rexes. Should people tame Rexes if there are Therizinos?
  5. Unicorn name So I just recently tamed a level 100 unicorn, but since I've never tamed an Equus before It had no taming efectiveness. Anyway, what should i name him? I'm open for suggestions.
  6. What are your thoughts on Ark Genesis? I think it's really cool, but what are the community's thoughts?
  7. What is the biggest Dlc for ark I think it's Ragnarok, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, please let me know. ???
  8. Thing is, I get too attached to my dinos, the 167 Theri is called Therror and he's the dad of his newborn Baby Therizino with his wife being Therra. You know it may sound weird but I have the bad habit of getting too attached to certain dinos.
  9. Level 3 alpha raptor I have a level 167 therizino but i'm still terrified, and beside him there is a pack of about 3 sabertooth cats with the pack leader at level 96, am i able to take them down with just my therizino?
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