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  1. UPDATE: This seems to only occur on the default "The Island" Map strangely enough. I tried playing on all the 'Custom' maps, i.e. "The Center" and "Ragnarok" and it worked fine. No matter if I launch in 'No Battle-eye anti-cheat mode, Unofficial Servers Only' mode from steam, the game will crash and demand I install Battle-Eye anti-cheat despite having downloaded and installed it several times for both ARK and other games in my library. This occurs in Single-Player, Personally hosted Non-Dedicated and I'd assume for official and unofficial servers I attempt to join. Note: The game will seemingly load the world and game, but will crash about halfway through to the Battle-eye prompt. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling battle eye and ARK itself, but the problem persists. I have followed all of their support services instructions (Which is copy-paste generic and totally useless) and nothing is helping. I have other games with Battleeye anti-cheat and they don't have this issue. I have removed all mods from the game, updated drivers and more. Nothing works. Also, whenever I try to validate the game's files through steam, it fails to validate 2 files (1.4KB total size) and reacquires them. Then, whenever I launch and try to play the game, it crashes and asks to install battle eye and the two files are lost again. Even after restart and multiple fresh installs. Just seems completely busted. Any help? Anything is better then their support. System specs attached DxDiag.txt
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