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  1. Yea I'm not sure about carnos it seemed like it was running at me idk tho. Still with or without that it's bad.
  2. T Rex Game Breaking Bug - Does no damage to carnivores Got a T-Rex and it does no damage to carnivores tamed or not nor does it agro them. Exceptions: - Alphas - They agro and they do damage but you don't - Rexes - They agro but neither of us do any damage - Gigas - They agro and they do damage, don't know if I can damage them because I ran. I needed to do multiple dino wipes so my dinos don't get deleted by the rex and carno alphas because my main damage dealer/tank was basically out of the game. Also do not know if it's only on Valguero, I don't have any other map up and running yet.
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