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  1. in wich server do you play


  2. Hi there, 

    I'm really interested in ur project, wanted to add you on discord but you blocked invitations so i cant, if you want to add me to dicuss further, thats my discord Zeno31#5127

    Have a good day :)

    1. Yxri


      yo man i hit you on discord lmk its yxriii#5521

    2. Courage89


      Sorry didn't see, was working, sent an invite

  3. Hi looking for tribe to stick with Hi i'm 30 years old have quet some experience in ark, mostly been playing x box, had a year of break now started on pc month ago, looking for new new team to stick with. my discord: LordN4#2329 (Nick cause use to play StrongholdKingdoms)
  4. Looking where to start in official Hi I'm 30y old, been playing x box ark a year ago have over 2k hours but had a year of break, use to play with beta tribe back in a day, had to become member of mega alliance, but had to stop playing, now decided to start on steam as I heard developments care a bit more than on x box, been playing 6 men tribes on pc at start reached 200h there, but 6 men not really for me have a child and cannot be on 24/7 :) still trying to get use to all new things witch appeared in last year during my 1year away of ark. use to play all maps, valguerro and inxtinction is kind of new for me but already explored main part of it, able to farm breed, tame, do not really like building but can do that as well. My discord LordN4#2329 I just started on official so still need to lvl up
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