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  1. it does not make any sense becz this is not our issue right now. Dont focus on it. Thanks. If u want, u can try logging into our 641 u will see for urself.
  2. hey guys, i played from day 1 of this server. This server 641 is never PvP, it is Pve originally. I can see the server, can log in and can play. But our chars are stuck inside and disconnected for an interval of 10 minutes due to battle eye error. So this is the issue, not the PvP. Sudden switching to Pvp overnight is just some other thing.
  3. What is happening to GenOne641??? Suddenly after one night, server is changed to PVP? When i logged in, it required a password, and when i succeeded in joining, i got disconnected after 5-10 mins. Is there any prior notice or this issue just pops out of nowhere?
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