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  1. Nitrado, Managarmr issue I really need someone to help me.. For some reasons, on my nitrado server, the Manas can't only do one jump and 1 dash forward. Nothing more I can jump, dash, slide towards (to do another dash) but then I can't dash again Also I can only jump 3 times in a row, then I stops from doing anything I don't really know what's wrong with it
  2. NEW SERVER (Ragnarok) Search for: [ASMODIAN] Hi guys Here you have a fresh server looking for active people to play in ALL ENGRAMS UNLOCKED AND MANUALLY ADDED ALL DINOS SPAWN (extinction + aberration) Look at the immage to get the first basic infos about the server No admin login Discord: https://discord.gg/VtfqdC4
  3. RESOURCE SPAWN Is it a way to manually add on nitrado server a specific resource spawn? Like making spawn in certain areas fungal woods on ragnarok, or plant z etc etc
  4. NITRADO IMPRINTING SETTINGS Playing on PS4 I know that's pretty hard to get some nice settings but I have 2 questions I ve been playing for a while in a server where rexes needed 9 seconds to cuddle, giving 9% imprint So in like 1.30 minutes you can get the 100% imprint How is that possible? The second question is I'm hosting a 50x server but, somehow I get just 1% imprinting from gigas.. I need some serious help because somehow my server settings raptored up.
  5. Where Can I find this command? (BTW I'm on nitrado)
  6. Ark Custom BEACONS (drops) Hi guys I've spent a lot of time on my game ini files but still can't get any way to change the beacons drop I mean, I'm already using the Beacon App and I've done some changes to my white and green drops but, I also wanted to add BPs of other maps items to them Like: managarmr saddle, crab saddle, grappler BP And stuff like that BUT WITHOUT remove my standard drops from the beacons I just to add these items to the "old" beacons Anyone who can help?
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